Karson Technology Limited

{December 19, 2007}   Explosion-proof Terminal Block

 Explosion-proof Terminal Block model: BK10-SPJ-2000B
The SPJ-2000A ordinary explosion-proof Terminal Block uses in the mainline system to poke head in to connect, convenient wiring
The SPJ-2000B explosion-proof Terminal Block uses in the SP -2,003 control systems
The SP-1100 series and the SP – 3,100 series poke head inthrough SPJ – the 2000B explosion-proof Terminal Block to turn on theSP – 2,003 control systems
After SPJ-2000MA uses in SP – 2,001 control systems SP – 2,001control systems SP – 2,001 control systems to occur reports to thepolice explosion-proof Terminal Block controls the scene equipment through SPJ – the 2000MA
SPJ – 2000MB uses in the SP – 2,002 control systems
After the SP – 2,002 controllers occur report to the policepass
SPJ – the 2000MB explosion-proof Terminal Block controls thescene equipment

Working voltage: DC24V
Input signal SPJ – 2000B, 485 signals
Output signal: SPJ – 2000MA/SPJ – 2000MB code control signal
External dimensions: 208×150×75 (mm)
Weight: 1340g
Working pressure: 86-106kPa
Ambient temperature: -10~ +50 ℃
Going beyond a line hole connector thread: 3/4 inch NPT
Cable specification: RVVP4×2.5mm2
The explosion-proof symbolized that, Exd IICT6


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