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{December 19, 2007}   SMC material in electrical machinery Terminal Block application

 SMC material in electrical machinery Terminal Block application
The electric motor Terminal Block, the electrical machinery draws out the end of a thread introduction Terminal Block the wiring column, it plays is protects the electrical machinery wiring the role Is an electrical machinery protection shell part, it including Terminal Block top head, under Terminal Block bottom. Now the lectrical machinery Terminal Block generally uses the cast iron to take shape the production craft manufacture electrical machinery Terminal Block, also has the enterprise to use the steel plate deeply to flush takes shape the manufacture electrical machinery Terminal Block, although the steel plate deeply flushes takes shape withgenerally casts the iron wire box to compare, has the price lowly, theoutward appearance attractive, the sealing property fine and so on the merit, but is unable to solve the electric motor Terminal Block to be easy to send the rust, the anticorrosion and the insulation protect ion energy balance flaw. Uses the SMC mould pressing to take shape the craft production electrical machinery Terminal Block is the new electric motor Terminal Block, because uses the new material —-SMC compound material is (Sheet molding compound) abbreviation, namely laminated mold plastic. The main raw material by GF (special-purpose gauze), UP (not saturated resin), the low contraction chemical additive, MD (padding) and each kind helps the medicinal preparation to be composed. It first appears in the 20th century the beginning of60’s in Europe, about 1965, America, the date has developed this kind of craft one after another. Our country to the end of the 80’s, has introduced the overseas advanced SMC production line and the production craft. The SMC material has the superior anti-corrosive performance, the nature light and the engineering design is easy ,nimbly and so on the merit, its machine capability may compare favorably with with the partial metals material) has may the design good, the intensity high, the waterproofing, anticorrosive, not be easy to pollute and so on the characteristic. Therefore uses the SMC compound material manufacture electrical machinery Terminal Block the characteristic: 1st, weight light, specific tenacity high, anti-impact characteristic, its density approximately for steel density1/4, aluminum density 2/3, but the intensity very is actually big, its longitudinal strength and the plain steel approach, the bending strength and the elasticity of flexure module are ordinary plastic molding 8 ~ 10 times. 2nd, bears the acid and alkali, anti-corrosive, the anti- aging, the SMC material is the fine anti-corrosive material, the para acid, the alkali, the salt, the majority of organic matters, the sea water as well as moist all has a better resistivity, also hasthe resistance regarding microorganism’s function the performance, its service life is long. 3, the electricity performance was high, Surge Arrester has avoided the accident which the leakage or short-circuited creates.


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