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Complete collections of operation method of the mobile phone Memory Card(chapter 2)

TF repairs the method two
Originally one’s own Memory Card  TF card was out of order  It is 0 to admit that space comes out on the computer  Can admit but the space is full on the mobile phone Memory Card  Can’t format  Plan to take away changing  Read the model on the net at yesterday  There were Memory Card  excellent records of software of repairing originally  My card is not probably Memory Card that the hardware is damaged  Leave several and have a try  Memory Card Several won’t do  I have been looking for all the time Memory Card finally  Found one by me at last
The method is as follows: USB Drive Should use two pieces of software here, WINIMAGE 8.0 edition (need installing) With PHYSDISKWRITE 0.5 USB Drive dition (not need installing)

One: USB Drive Video the file for TF card.USB Drive  Open WINIMAGE software, select file – -New, choose most below that piece select, USB Drive choose most low to select, some OK, then choose the first FAT12/16 in file system, add your sector USB Drive quantity in TOTAL NUMBER OF SECTORS, mine is 128M, the sector quantity is 128000000/512 =250000,Select, USB Drive needn’t in charge of, click OK keep get magnetic disc, file call U, click IMAGE of software USB Drive select then while being other, select INJECT, add file on not videoing, propose, strengthen file a bit first, USB Drive add reach almost soon all over,Cable Assembly  in addition little file, only up to filling it up.

Two: Write a tool physdiskwrite.exe and video and write into TF card with physics. Connect TF the computer with the media reader, copy physdiskwrite.exe and image file just now under C root catalogue of one (for convenience) ,Then click to begin – -Run, input CMD, enter DOS, operate physdiskwrite.exe u.ima under DOS
The ones that should pay Cable Assembly attention to here are to select it to the type of physics one that brief on, if select by mistake, all materials to correspond to plate will disappear, don’t select, have model, serial number competent, if that chose in the picture is 1, Cable Assembly then input Y, then begin to write and video the file, should quickly, write, pull out, produce, insert media reader and then, format TF card with the computer once again at this moment,Cable Assembly selected FAT form when when remember formatting, don’t format fast. Finish formatting, show TF card in the mobile phone, spread the song with ITUNES, the video file is put to TF card, sound file, picture file, install JAVA procedure (how feel, spread to have a bit fasterrer paces even file than before, oh)  All OK, Haha,Cable Assembly  congratulations, crowned with success. ~~~

The impressions:Cable Assembly I think this Cable Assembly  kind of method can solve some TF cards and spread the things slowly at all too, listening to the Cable Assembly question of the song card, JUST feels, the friend who wants to try can have a try, because Cable Assembly this method belongs to and operates softly, Cable Assembly will not cause the injury to the hardware at all ~~~


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