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Is that all right to overlook you? The first ” lowpriced people who will only cry ”

The party interesting logistics company that that is very one, play the conversation in a gay manner at the platform, 5 people drink four bottles and put Chinese

liquor, under being drunk deeply on the Eight Diagrams a period of time, ask, get up each other, know too two girlfriends why remain silent now

in the past.
A friend said with a smile a sentence of very penetrating words on the wine desk at that time: Can especially act as a woman, and is often

delicately pretty while crying bitterly in others’ chest, (attention: Usually let the man’s arms cry. )Another woman very can go, complain tearfully

innately, the woman must want until the woman that meeting cry a bit farther then.
Hit desk laugh endlessly, sound of speech understand, that woman is a low-down person on the spot.
Often meet such a woman, young, or age Office Relocation that has grown up, give birth to, like man give a bitter account on fortunately, undertaking, love, bit,

estimate if it is long haemorrhoids that can cry bitterly simply, this words are not expressed, oh.
Have such a woman at one’s side, one likes by what has been cried bitterly in the man lead the shoulder easily, say: “The project that I do is the

same as project that she does is, why not give me a chance to her chance? ”
One even to speak and write use the language in Dream of the Red Chamber, for example: Lacking must not cry for one and cry, the pale finger

is rubing the handkerchief, sigh: “Can you know I am bitter? ” Or sigh again: “If I ache oneself alone only, I will certainly alive. Sure. ”
Seeing such a woman for the first time, I am that the sweetheart will break to pieces, can recruit love, many helpless women.
Such a woman, one two can also let men and women the heart born and sympathize with, but day long to can find such a on happily woman,

not always satisfactory and over, have not succeeded at all times, always like Lin Daiyu, seem that above the material attractions Air Freight Forwarder of the world and

dip in the air, will get SARS at once.
So fragile a person, why live? Subdues the jade to decrease fragrantly if it is late, find time to complain tearfully?
Seeing suddenly after understanding carefully, such a woman actually lived comfortably more than everyone, sad love story, torment of soul let

friend or other to understand man of situation give, bear, the good speech still without a break is comforted.
In work complain tearfully,should must chance let because there aren’t she, afraid leaders man too, in case the shortsighted view that she

considers, how to afford?
The woman that that emotion goes wrong, more funny, have written a few years’ mood article, no is happy, is it less than satisfactory that is there

so many in life? Has the love each time been all born? If so, it is at all nonsensical to conduct oneself, even basic happiness can not be found, it is

unsuitable to grow to say such a world you Ocean Transportation such a woman.
One woman, survive at the world, whom lover join leave each time, that wrong one, would not be totally someone else. Moreover, so delicately

pretty a woman, if without survival ability, how could go to cause men? Only maybe the means is too sophisticated.
How could the really supercilious woman end blaming by oneself easily, are the ones that catch a man and complain the emotion tearfully at will

less than satisfactory? Have bitter to can resist by oneself too, let intimate just a few friends say only privately. Advocate one’s own bitter woman

without restraint like this,Worldwide Relocation only maybe speak this bitter word excessively.













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