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Love of the sago palm in the desert–two

Night come, chirp around seem a exceptional one loud, ten year, think mountain valley look like so quiet today never. I have no sleep at all, a pair of naked men and women lie under my body. Have not worn down their passion in tired out journey, under my body, their loving joyously heartily, I have seen boys shouldering the sparkling and crystal-clear beads of sweet, like I become the tears that strung together into bunch, I hear girl moaning purine delicate to breathe heavily, this make health of me have one desire of inflation, as if silkworm wanting, taking butterflying rapidly that hibernate, the girl’s hands have caught my branch and leaf, Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services| China Electronic Manufacturer|bmw gt1|benz star| Electronics Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturing China| China Electronics Manufacturers| Smt Electronic Manufacturing| Electronics Contract Manufacturing| Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services| Subcontract Pcb Assemblyhere to then carve, I seem to become a woman, the boy is at the time of turbulence, my unfolding the body limb heartily, as if accepted something, afterwards, my body secreted a lot of red juices, I shake one’s own doing, can not get rid of the brain as dream.
Boy and girl left in early morning of next day, they dug a small hole under my body, bury a bag of body fluids in my root. After they leave away, a long time I am make a dream, dream oneself is that girl, begin the wait of lovesickness everyday. The boy’s body fluid has been bored out from that floor of membrane, the entry root slowly, entered my health, from then on, my conifer leaf began to be changed yellow green.
One day, I have had a dream, there is a child in my stomach to dream about, know how give birth to and bring up, I cry, cry, cry, for a long time, see one Taoist priest feel person of kind say to me: Child, how can the stranger’s child it will be tree? If really want to grow, only when you bloomed. But how could I bloom? Isn’t it that the sago palm does not bloom? The Taoist priest says: The child, the sago palm will bloom too, however, there must be another sago palm and fall in love with you, then love liquid and breath of the two are inclusive, you will bloom. But where is another sago palm? The child, is waiting, Buddhist patriarch will arrange. The Taoist priest has left saying and waving sleeves. I am everyday charmed in waiting, my waist is thicker and thicker, should I bloom? I am everyday wan and sallow in sighing.
Today five years later, I have another sago palm at one’s side, I have no mark for the Chinese sweet gum to give a name for him.
The Chinese sweet gum does not have growing situation of mark quickly, two years later, his body has already crossed my top of the head, his few speech, just with the years, the eyes are more and more unusual, do I know, in this desert, I am an only mother sago palm, who does not he love me and love?
He becomes more and more boundless and lush and green, fluffies a kind of secret fragrance of hair in his body, only the men and women in adolescence will have such breath. When wind has blown through, his dense branch and leaf has stroked my cheek, the hands as warm as that boy. When in the dead of night, he takes advantage of sending the wind-force to me to ask joyously, however, I am missing that boy at such night, miss the beads of sweet on his forehead, think of that cheerful face, as his excitement, shock spread over from the earth. Then flow into the seed in the body, like being pregnant with a dream, I want to become a person, become a woman.
Certainly, these I can tell Chinese sweet gum have mark, he whether Heaven arrange for, let sago palm that I bloom, if know he I have only last dream of me health to use him,still can perfectly willing devotion?
Having passed for five years again, I have not still bloomed, the Chinese sweet gum has not had conifer leaf with vivid green mark to already become blackish green, his body is ripe day by day, it has generally made him glossy all over if the glory of the sun has been gilded. My eyes are more and more gentle that he looks, more and more blazing, however, he feels obviously I am unhappy, the ones that even think, when he strokes, the health is avoided quiver, in late at night, I see his ignorant looking at to the vault of heaven, from language anything. That year, it was terribly arid, the land fractured, I felt weak all over, the conifer leaf is more and more withered and yellow, the Chinese sweet gum has no mark to hide coolly for me with his conifer leaf worrying about. As time goes on, the expression in one’s eyes of mark is more and more deeply worried that there is not the Chinese sweet gum, sometimes, what he will cherish is with the body that hands comforted me, expect to get my response, see my look on the point of dying, his root begins to secrete the green juice, flow into my body slowly. I have been saved, but the Chinese sweet gum has no obvious becoming thin of mark.


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