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{November 6, 2008}   Chapter four Meeting by chance on the plateau (1)

Chapter four Meeting by chance on the plateau (1)
The evil spirit Bei Bei does not know what is said, there is sight that has been penetrated over, pierce and familiar with, the heart is flurried. Then, that tall and big man has gone to my side. Smile, say, you have lost me half a dozen beer.
This Bei Bei. And I, fail perfectly willingly.
Leave the city and diverge from the network, do not tell no one, not with saying good-bye to tall and erectly, pray secretly in mind, perhaps one turns round, can say good-bye to all past.
Lijiang is really the place where one make the person fascinated by. The ancient town in early morning, quiet and serene, like the kindly old man, the floor of blue and green stone is thin and smooth instead, the ancient town in the evening, stand up lively like teenager, the playing and singing every night, of luxury and dissipation.
We linger on every corner of the ancient city. Staying and letting the memorial archway pass the inn falling in one, the owner in the inn is two young people, one candid one gentle and quiet, sit cherry tree on little institute often, enjoy a meter of sunshine. So easy and leisurely life, a ideological pollution.
In the daytime, go to the market to buy vegetables to go back and cook with Bei Bei hand in hand like two little girls, or look for a others’ small courtyard of Nahsi and chat to drink tea with the old man of Nahsi, hear some stories not quited understand, then stroll in the street of the ancient city, see everything can’t help buying, or strike it arbitrarily a spell holding DV, dress up beautifully and assemble a crowd and drink again in the evening. That is an old city without the stranger, the passion, with combining quietly and perfect.
Until map there Wang buy one map of ancient city that hand painted next door, the kraft paper presents the thin fragrance. Eat it a bowl of soya beans, see four faces of the street all sides, drink a mouthful of water in Lijiang, look for a one’s own lane, enter a courtyard and stare flankly, pay an official call to a recluse or madman. Bei Bei and I indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty.
Then one day, until floor listen to bird call, meet such two seven eighty years old of old men through the ages, supporting each other with one’s hand, has mounted the floor through the ages. The hoary-headed feeling is long, the granny says, 30 years ago, we say that will come to Lijiang together, had not really set foot on this stretch of land up to now, though can’t go to the jokul of Merret, but I am very satisfied. The figure seeing their hand lead to set about nestling each other is distracted for a moment in the heart. Originally, the small soldier said, free, we must go to Lijiang to stay for several months, see jokul drinking tea that the snow water washed, he says, that is a lover’s world. The ice is blue, that is our world, previous existence, we must live there. Then, Lijiang is turned into a mythology of mine, do not dare to touch easily.
The ice is blue! Bei Bei buy bracelet of silver of a Tibet for me, there are ice blue gems above, a bit more happy!
The bracelet is rowed to hands because of carelessness, I wail. People are sad can look for a reason to come down in torrents at will originally. Since for a long time, has not flowed through the tears in this way, even if when leaving the small ice, I am bearing and has not fallen down a drop of tears either.
Even reached Lijiang originally, the ones that can’t be forgotten could not be still forgotten.
Nightfall, quietly, hear the cry of the insect in the courtyard, there is no TV, there are no books and newspapers, we have already been isolated with the external world. The host has steeped the Pu’er tea plucked newly, tea is fragrant and pleasant. Picked up the mobile phone, suddenly wanted to tell tall and erectly, I am drinking tea that the snow water is being made now, can far see the dark outline of the jokul at night.
Suddenly, receive tall and erect message of sending, ice blue, I Lijiang has no bar now, suddenly remembered you in the lively loneliness. OK in these days?
Frightened. This is that the so-called heart has magic horns is it possible that.
A lot of things, once coincidence, feel the God’s will.
Draw Bei Bei, rush to the bar. Scrutinize oneself from the mirror, beautiful wan and sallowly. We evil spirit, Bei Bei say ice blue, we it is fair maiden for surface not to seem, but the evil spirit at heart.
Yes, I am an evil spirit, who am I afraid? Who can injure the evil spirit? Which Sun Wukong is there in the world?
There is no bar, lively and outstanding.
Take a seat on most striking position, put to good use, get up evil spirit insolent. Beer, the expression in one’s eyes, hollow, the fan is haphazard, and I am incomparably sober, scurry, has fallen on the body of a man in the corner in four travel around place of sight, and he, it happened that has caught my expression in one’s eyes. Hit at one time, yes, say tall and erectly, we once had evil reason of previous existence, this eye, I have recognized him. Clean man, sit quietly, innate expensive air, but have a pair of eyes disillusioned with the mortal world, yes, think at one glance this man has a kind of Buddha nature on one’s body, cool stability, but does not belong to such night.
Bei Bei, has seen? That man. If you can guide and speak him, I lose you a dozen beer.
Bei Bei snigger, getting good, little girl, insightful very.
Then, having gone over spraining the small waist, this evil spirit.
The evil spirit Bei Bei does not know what is said, there is sight that has been penetrated over, pierce and familiar with, the heart is flurried. Then, that tall and big man has gone to my side. Smile, say, you have lost me half a dozen beer.
This Bei Bei. And I, fail perfectly willingly.
A long time come, enjoy oneself to heart’s content like this for the first time, have, admit the man, it is the type that I like.
The talk of each word a gem, even if there are no speeches, bathe in the spring breeze.
At only this night, break up, relieve oneself to the limit. I know he is tall and erect, to will go every night is not so tall and erect as that of the bar.
In tipsy, say tall and erectly, I know you, right? The expression in one’s eyes is made incomparably warm. Such a man, will not cover up one’s own expression in one’s eyes only when making drunk.
I smile in silence. Tall and erect, met you this life, it is enough. Can’t tell you who I am, it has one’s own principles too, the more important thing is that the ice is blue, perhaps the man because of you, will lose the principle, can’t bear, can only turn round.


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