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{November 6, 2008}   Chapter two Sad sunshine (2)

Chapter two Sad sunshine (2)
It is really an unreasonable thing to meet. Time solidifies in the twinkling of an eye. The boy has caught my car steadily, the book falls scattered in a place. What a tall and big boy, have limpid looks like children, is looking at me definitely. Anything is melted in the twinkling of an eye in the heart, slowly, warm.
Do you believe that fall in love at first sight? I know you do not believe, I do not originally believe either.
The staring of ten seconds, I feel the temperature on one’s own face.
Have not bumped against you?
He shakes the head with a smile.
Eh, walk a bit more carefully later. If It’s nothing I have left first, is catching! I look like the child of a worry of seeing through, flee in panic.
His pleasant voice comes behind, the ice is blue, don’t ride so fast!
I am frightened. This one thinks better of, so far that the car goes out again.
In this way, the ice is blue to meet Su Yang. In season in early spring, the flower in the heart is in full bloom secretly. I know, we will also meet. Because I am that the ice is blue.
If really system engineering in the lesson, meet and then north Su, we were a disciple of the fellow disciple originally.
A class is not first-class, grow grass in my heart, flurried, pleasantly surprised, there is getting timid the earth’s core like spirits.
There is no courage to speak with him, even have no courage to look him in the eye, it is unexpectedly in the face of one’s own heart cowardly like then that the ice that ever it is afraid afraiding is blue, it is one’s own to titter.
With belong to one institute in a different one, when the loud 2, nearly have a class that will go together with Su Yang every day. Sit into a diagonal obliquly and obliquly, sweep stealthily with eyes, avoid under the other side’s sight quickly, found out and blushed like attention.
Su Yang is that kind of reticent man, non- handsome, but tall and big, have childish and limpid expression in one’s eyes, let you feel warm and safe. One day, sit behind him, felt very near, is watching the cheek after his side, the light and light greenish blue one leaves the cheek moustache stubble, full of fancies. Su Yang’s pen has no ink, asks whether classmates nearby have black pens, everybody does not have, I have, but I do not dare to stretch out hands, whole class, hold pens, the struggle of tossing about in bed, until losing the chance.
0S h i n i a nS H I N I A N0 sad sunshine is carrying a secret like this in ten years, just the fox of the love such as that inside of ” little prince “, hoping for next one day every day, sound with the voice of the little fox in one’s ear, “first of all, you must be a bit farther from me, that’s settled, far sit on the lawn over there, I use canthus look sidelong at you ceaselessly, at this moment, you nothing say. The speech may result in misunderstanding, then, you can be in order to near to me day by day   ” “For example you come at four o’clock in the afternoon, since three o’clock, I have begun to feel very happy, having arrived at four o’clock, I will be fidgety, I found happy value. ” Yes, I will have fidgety then carving every day, the little lovely fox, he comes to like the color of the wheat field because of liking the little prince, and I, come to like the boring system engineering lesson because of coming to like a person.
Bei Bei still often twines to stay with me with each other.
The girl has a radiant face, whether think in spring?
Think of your stature!
This is secret I have not told Bei Bei, this shares all girls with me. I say to oneself, let second people know, become secret no longer just secretly, do not have again tiny and happy the secret one. Till now, I just know, originally, I was fearing something.
In so young years, it is simple happiness and sorrow without rhyme or reason.
It is end soon, will review and become nervous, Bei Bei and I no longer twine sillily everyday, put study individually, can come dormitory look for Iing on being just late, report situation each other, so as not to purposely cause complication, seem to be buckled a large green cap by the other side once being not careful. The dormitory of Bei Bei is my upstairs.
I wonder if it is I that have the intention, he has the intention, fix and study individually on a certain classroom with Su Yang tacitly. Do not speak very much, pay close attention to each other quietly. I cough, Su Yang will shut the window of the classroom, so careful a man. And I turn on window one angle often, from the angle, glass can mirror Su male genital posture study, and his eyes at the time of looking at me behind.
Bei Bei appeared suddenly, it was sunny in a classroom, attracted all eyeballs.
Wife, I am damnable, I am lazy, I have no seat, give material assistance to me.
I am awkward. Leave it with dormitory Arine’s seat nearby. Bei Bei has been pouted the mouth.
Stand up, want, let, give Bei Bei seat, oneself go, see where can rub reach place and then, the later sound of body, sit here, another seat. Su Yang picks up the schoolbag around.
I see Bei Bei glimmering on the sight, should come or can come. I understand Bei Bei very much.
Confess honestly, when to also live with the young wife in a plush apartment?
Talk nonsense something, though take away and enjoy.
Really? Then Obedience is better than politeness!
Really, the old man that this young lady likes the possessing both wealth looks.
Laughing in the mouth, the dark deep sorrow in the heart.
From then on, Bei Bei joined the ranks that we studied individually too.
Wife, do you say he will like me?
Certainly know.
Then why has not he expressed?
Some people are not good at expressing. Constant effort yields sure success, it is good result to be eager for quick success.
The bottom of heart is sad and dreary for a moment, the surface is unmoved, why is Bei Bei?
I begin to look for various reasons to go to the library to study individually. There are some final results, in any case, I am unable to face.


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