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{November 6, 2008}   Chapter two Sad sunshine (5)

Chapter two Sad sunshine (5)
Small boat, I am sorry.
Su Yang can love Bei Bei, why can not you fall in love with me? Both hands of small boat are pulling my face. I do not dare to face up to, he.
Because I am not Su Yang, you are not Bei Bei.
So fair? The ice is blue.
I do not need the justice, so long as Bei Bei is happy. Small boat, you did not understand.
I drink, write, run away all want and course that Yang went together Su still.
Small boat will come, look for I, he say I move you on the heart forever. I can see that he is in pain, just as he clearly sees my agony.
The ice is blue, Su Yang says, if you do not like the small boat, a bit farther from him. Bei Bei is said cruelly.
Why did he chide me? What thing do I imprison him with little boat? Can not control oneself after all.
What ice is blue for you, why speak in this way? This is good for you too, Xiao Zhou is Su Yang’s best friend, you are my best friend.
It doesn’t matter, Bei Bei, I am sorry. I no longer speak.
The little boat says you drink everyday, the ice is blue, what happened to you on earth?
You listen to him talking nonsense.
Bei Bei look at I, say with very light light sound very, tell me whether do you like Su Yang?
Panic of that room very short time. I smile suddenly, make Bei shoulder of Bei, it is to be, little kind you, thought everyone will like that big bean sprouts and vegetables of Su Yang.
At but expression in one’s eyes when it is since Bei Bei, know I. The more one tries to hide,the more one is exposed, sensitive like Bei Bei, know I have already understood like Bei Bei.
The campus in autumn, the sad fragrance that the sweet-scented osmanthus fills the air in the air.
Dormitory downstairs, I hear Su north hoarse voice.
Bei Bei, why should be like this? You give me a reason.
The indifference of Bei Bei one’s face, nothing is said.
Bei Bei, you do not behave like this, I am shaking her.
How am I? The ice is blue, you do not know, he is specially weak. I know, under the performance that Bei Bei does not matter, that heart has been already incoherent.
Bei Bei, are you uncalled-for?
As a child, there was an apple, we have been never willing to to eat, did not want two people to gather you together and bite me to bite. There is planned number of a recommendation for admission to school in the class at in Senior Three, we have let too to let, gave to others finally, we are happy to struggle together. Now, take turns the emotion.
The ice is blue, you know, if not so, I will not feel happy.
Half a year later, Su Yang went to U.S.A., has not said good-bye. The small boat says, all of us have been injured, all of us have no fault.
Bei Bei and I begin to never leave each other again, have not fallen in love again until graduating, have not mentioned Su Yang again either.
That section of happy and sad time.


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