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{January 8, 2009}   The sun is three poles high

XiChen Xi, hold back light to make inside but cold feeling, innate your helmet and noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tide, spoiling the son of innate day   Open eyes slowly, face upward get up hair a little – -The soft hair was stuck on the forehead, has hidden some pupil light laxly, the refined and elegant face is brought tenderness, the shirt which solves two buttons shows the beautiful collar-bone of lines, the whole person is so distinct and soft.
Cannot help, raise one’s hand, comfort, hang down until several in front of volume dark to take place to that, fiddle with gently, hands glide, cover that pair of deep and deep and remote and bright black pupils.
“Xi XiChen. ” I twitter, if admit, can let him settle down, then, ” I love you. ”
Probably last ten seconds, his body is getting stiff, second, leave behind hand of me excitedly, propose me body take in one’s arms, overbearing violent kiss suffocate, suck and pester.
I know, from this moment, some things have changed, perhaps has already changed, since that is genuine, from that sentence ” fits Jie, I love you ” At the beginning, until ” whether 12 enough in year ” At the beginning
Follow-up for yesterday reach, turn into getting frenetic to love not having doubting at all finally, when the Xi time of the mat wants to be out of control, greedy joyous a unreasonable one drown glutton that wipe out like one. Warm blue night can only be occupied.
Will it be early morning next day, dim to hear long bell blow loudly, familiar with music very, dementia for night make me all pooped out, and the sound of disturbing and sleeping peacefully lets me have a headache and stretch out the arm aching and fumble to the short cupboard on one side endlessly especially, pick up the mobile phone and enclose to and push and answer the key straining in the ears.
Lines of strange man stereo get up, ” Elvis, you should forget will it be nine o’clock today meeting have early! ”
In fact my brain is still in half a lethargy state, rub it according to the temple that aches a little, “you are – -“The sound is hoarse.
The other side is obviously distracted, ” Ah! Sorry, sorry, excuse me   That one, mat Xi time gentleman   ”
”   “This words almost make me sober and more than half, unexpectedly has answered the telephone by mistake!
Hesitate room come low and hoarse light laugh behind, glance back, mat Xi time prop up hand rest lower jaw, the sheet in disorder is covering the lower part of the body, the red naked upper part of the body that lures, the damp hair is stuck on the temple, refined to smile, look at I, know whether how long does it wake up.
I frown, pass mobile phone, whom he connect quite sluggish, low slow tone bring Yan magnetism blow, to waste, “I am a Xi time of the mat. ”
There seem what does it speak, corner of the mouth light to raise, ” I have woman to be very much strange at the bed? ” The eyes tip wipes the smile not going.
“The sun is three poles high not to leave the bed   Very good proposition. “


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