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{February 12, 2009}   I cite the little

I cite the little example of a designer’s image, I begin to be sent from grade five of primary school to the amateurish training class of Central Academy of Fine Arts and learnt to paint, it was 15 to stay in that environment, brought up into a image of a young and wildly arrogant artistic school graduate naturally, worship the sloven such as Bill and Gates and Stiven and Jobs, follow restricted to one pattern recreation wear style clothes, Hou I believe ” to could lie in appearance really people at that time, on the brain ” . I, in bringing the patch jeans, printing the T-shirt of the human skeleton head, major part leather shoes, wearing the fluffy and disorderly long hair loosely I think one’s own unique trend of resisting is full of rebelling against the decorating of the personality again, reflecting that has unique creative thought and ability oneself. But I did not find the decent job to 1996 when graduating from 1992, I imputed all the adverse circumstance to the society the inequity to the new young man was treated. Fortunately was called later ” The anger accommodates the station bluely and greenly ” Advertising for trade,provide for me each shelter oneself for place of life.

And really change the incident of my idea and happen in 2003 and SOM (international top design office, designers of the building of world Three Tenors) Beijing about triumphant morning design of square at the roundtable conference one that designing institute hold together. SOM come attend a meeting world design master first 6 people that Adrian D Smith lead design the group at that time, the leather shoes of their every suit, hair are neat, the skin is bright and clean and moist, the style of conversation is graceful and humorous, participating in the conference Chinese building designer every hair fluffy and disorderly, confusion of wearing clothes of institute, unexpectedly the shoulder can see the dandruff, excited while making a speech, the language is dull, logic is confused.

The enormous contrast and visual contrast, let me begin to realize the importance to a designer of image at the moment. Will charge the office of design charges of 5 million dollars soon in a concept, was such elegance originally, because this is a game rule. This lets me remember that once laughed at Chen Yifei to the story in suit of U.S.A. in the domestic art circles at the end of the eighties, it is at that time seem Hou think there aren’t artist, is it ignorant really in fact on. The locality where the western gallery gather, none is not in the rich person district such as central street of New York, holy James street of London, south green hill of Tokyo Sell the classic or modern in no matter the gallery there, not that a commercial affair is magnificent that there is not one, have one 798 Fan, gallery business too, client the rich, gallery art charitable institution of proletarian. Respect the others’ game rule, it is a shortcut of entering the major market, Mr. Chen Yifei is 20 hundred years before us and understand this reason.


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