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{March 26, 2009}   you say Zheng slit son

Ge ZhanShui: “It is that Zheng, give up half a front tooth. ”
Shen ShuangFu: “Oh, you say Zheng slit son, let me turn on, lose early, he a thing in mother, drink wolf’s milk and grow up, I am delicious and easy to feed to him drinking, bite me conversely. You must not touch on him only lightly, are stained with you and can not get rid of, just like a leech, the life or death should all suck your blood. I blind, believe he, tumble half train – -Well, you ask he does, what happened? ”
Ge ZhanShui feels that falls into a well-designed trap by oneself, one inch subsides down. He has remembered the businessmen in Guangdong of that horizontal corpse street, remembers the fee brother, remember pieces of sheath that oneself wove these years, will hang on the tree by oneself finally. He is staring at Shen ShuangFu, but what are not thought of, this fellow has already eluted oneself clean.
After Ge ZhanShui leaves, Lu Ping drives the car to by Shen ShuangFu’s body slowly, she wears a piece of sunglasses, seem very mysterious.
ShuangFu Shen sigh to duckweed Lu: “I depend on, how experienced pairs of look this it will be you brother-in-law, get a thorough understanding you how is sister with whom him pass these years really. ”
Lu Ping says: “Seeing the appearance that he left just now, I really felt bad, a pair of good fortune, we were too a bit more malicious, he has done me much favor after all, say good-bye to my sister, it is not his fault. ”
Shen ShuangFu says: “Do not be soft-hearted, this is not the school, Ge ZhanShui does not make a wrong student, do not you think he really knows who did this? If we relax one’s efforts now, let him become better, will not tell the love to you. We are for example in the battle field now, your bullet has been typed, if does not overthrow the other side, the consequence is too ghastly to contemplate. To be fair, he Ge take water why city make lots of money every day in Jingjiang, exercise magic powers, I have wanted to kill him for a long time, can not find the excuse all the time. Having caught his seven inches this time, then there is a reason that goes all out. ”
Lu Ping stunned way: “Do you help my sister to give vent to anger on earth? Have ulterior motives, seek profit for yourself? ”
Shen ShuangFu smiles strangely cheating: “Certainly helping your elder sister, I am just a sink service charge by the way. ”
Ge see water treasure Su lotus that leaf float pile little window of fine hair in in the air, the air current with warm one share climbs to the scalp from the back. He liberate way rent rooms of two room for her, can she life or death go, live in. Gradually, he has produced the emotion to here too, here is just like a rest garden far away from hubbub, let him remember and feel and make warm at any time.
Undergo pond, Ge bend over ink. Su BaoLian is afraid one slips away back from the driving school loyally, agree on him, if he is not at home, she puts the wooden wooden dipper into pond. Once the torrential rain falls suddenly, the rainwater washed away the wooden wooden dipper after overflowing the pond. He rushes not to see wooden wooden dipper have to rotate back. Knew the truth the next day, made him sad and sorry in long time. The mobile phone of his buying for her department, says connectedly and conveniently like this, but she does not still want. She does not have any materialist attempt to him, this is that she is different to any woman having illict sexual relations with him.
Ge ZhanShui wears the wooden wooden dipper on the head, has struck for two times gently. He does not dare to be afraid of waking children loudly.
Jiangsu treasure lotus is asked while making tea: “That is to say, is the premonition of the high mirror true? ”
Ge ZhanShui: “The premonition of the high mirror? What premonitions she has, tells me, I have not still really found out, she or a wizard? ”
Su BaoLian: “High mirror say Chu beautiful China resign, manager Li disappear too, plum Liu cat come out indoor even, it is estimated that our supermarket has met accident. I see your expression today, her premonition can not go wrong. ”
Ge ZhanShui has thrown the mouth: “Did I still really think she was a wizard? It is just a witch. Some things have happened in the supermarket, but and her wording has absolutely nothing to do with each other. ”
The startled way of the lotus that Su is precious: “Really meet accident? Really what has appeared? ”
“Don’t propose this again, I bored much, it is angry to just go to your place to breathe! ”
Treasure lotus utter a sound no longer, silence a moment later, can’t forbid, ask also: “Is not the thing big? ”
“Not big, but been deceived, which a million to compensate. ”
“Oh, odd one hundred let it be, not worth being disturbing. ” Su BaoLian is several hundred for several million tins once.
“If several hundred will be better, which one hundred yuan it is 10,000, otherwise can I be disturbing? ”
“It! Which a million? Is not this killing? ”
Look at Su treasure lotus alarmed appearance, ZhanShui Ge smile instead, continue, say: “Not only sustaining economic losses, will suspend business to bring up to standard, you needn’t go to work. ”
Su BaoLian is more alarmed: “Does not go to work, what do we eat? ”
“What is this anxious, have I, let you hungry belly? ”


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