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{April 29, 2009}   Delicate love realm

–Delicate love realm in ” fragrant jade ” that ” spoil Na “
Numerous love story in the ” Liaozhai “, follow begin with ” the Book of Songs ” love mode basically, with ” imprison Ju lovely lady ” as representative “, fit bride for our lord ” Love of marriage,and it is the represented by ” Jian Jia ” ” whether shes so-called, at water one party ” Ideal it love. The former take unique major part, (however, ” fair maiden ” Have replaced into fox and spirit, become the voluntarily aggressive party) . Compatriots’ concern to descendant, has already become a fact into a kind of religious complex, it is most outstanding to wait for one to behave in ” spends aunt’s son ” ” Nie XiaoQian “, the concern go beyond concern in love far (would rather adopt official determine to marry Nie XiaoQian finally, must pass mother’s hosting; And mother agrees to the marriage wedding, it is Nie little Qian that has removed her doubt about the descendant. ” colored aunt’s son ” must want to add too finally ” Send the son off ” Tail) . And the one that is most close to love of taking the place of is complicated and delicate, ” spoiling Na ” and ” fragrant jade “.
The subject matter of ” spoiling Na ” and ” fragrant jade ” is easy to fall into ” Pretty young woman emperor female Great Britain ” Vulgar adjust: Beginning from shut after all, one 2 woman, reunion until old. Pu Songling’s outstanding place, narrate the unexpected simplified love mode of break-through under the restriction of the language in the tradition.
1 is delayed and expected – -” receive soul and ” Better than particularly ” Reverse the clothes “
While ” spoiling Na “, the hole snow large bamboo or straw hat with a conical crown and broad brim marries loose mother finally, but the real woman protagonist spoils Na. Hole snow large bamboo or straw hat with a conical crown and broad brim and relation of spoiling Na are stopped to relatives and friends. Grow a cloud yellowly: “Fragrant jade I love wife, deep red even beneficial friend, I of snow. ” This is very noteworthy.
So-called the ancient one ” The feudal order ” ,Used for regulating interpersonal relationships. ” the father and son kiss, the monarch and his subjects have justice, married couple are different, chat long and young, the friend has letters ” . In five human relations, four preceding human relations relate to social estate system of the patriarchal clan system, in other words, one makes a reservation inferiorly. There is a human relations of friend alone, can be regarded as ” the brother ” The extension that is concerned, but set up on equal footing. Link it together, not blood relationship and marriage relation, but to common ” say ” Pursuit. Persons who sing the same song, start to call ” the friend ” . The friend’s foundation is the morality and justice and faithful and honest, ” there is no point on people taking counsel together who follow different ways ” . The Confucianists’ way to friend, pay much attention to.
But ” the friend’s way ” ,Only limited to men. First, since women’s intelligence and ability are lower than men, can not be equal and crossing naturally(among women, too only ” Accompany ” But not ” friend ” ). Second, men and women big to prevent from, be unable to go beyond. Even among the relatives, should defend sedulously being unoccupied. But Pu Songling has proposed clearly different charges in nature can be done ” The beneficial friend ” ,It can’t but be special.
This kind of friendship, is based on attraction of sex at first. In the novel ” LanXiang Lin “, Lang Geng in the face of to advise, warn minister, dream of swallow, with ” minister and I name although Mr. and Mrs. Qing Dynasty, real and friend ” Come to stall off, here, a word of friend, does not praise to her character, but denying to her women’s glamour. And the target that the hole snow large bamboo or straw hat with a conical crown and broad brim courts at first spoilt Na, it was the beauty which spoils Na that attracted him, it’s a pity that it is married to spoil Na, keep sorry in vain. The Nas meet with the serious disaster until spoiling, the hole snow large bamboo or straw hat with a conical crown and broad brim comes out boldly to rescue, two people’s emotion has got distillation. It is close to deep red snow out of taking in a pair of beautiful psychology concurrently that it is grown at first that yellow, until fragrant jade being confronted by danger, he and in lose bitterly lover and friend sympathize with while cherishing deep red snow, have just reached the tacit understanding.
” spoil Na ” ” fragrant jade ” behaves, instead of lie between ” the friendship ” With ” love ” During emotion,it might as well say it is it is modern almost ” love ” of idea . This kind of ” friendship ” Not obliterating other characteristics, but emphasize the characteristic of the sex, the properties that but spirit adores, do not indulge in carnal desire, even does not regard marriage as the ultimate goal. Ending Pu Songling comments to like this ” spoiling Na “: “I grow in the hole, do not admire its gaudy wife, but admire it and have intimates. Watch it to hold and can forget hungrily, listening to its sound can be solved and kept fit. Need by beneficial friend this,when discuss by dinner,’ show appearance and give soul to ‘, better than ‘ reverse clothes ‘ particularly. “
Why ” The friendship ” More attractive than the marriage? The traditional marriage is Israel ” The gift ” Form acknowledge legitimacy cohabit,meet what the family extends’ needs Israel, let’s say so simply, it is the breeding of the life of presenting parents with respect. The personal feeling is not taken into account. So it has lacked essential favouring of love – -Response – -An important link in the course combined: Pursue it until having mutual affinity. This has undoubtedly reduced the glamour of the marriage greatly. As to this, the solution is: In the family, worship the status of the legal wife, supplement with the concubine Ying, make need and personal need of the family both as compromising. But the concubine often comes from the poor family, bring up scarcely, can bear ” want ” But it is difficult to be regard as ” Love ” Target. Then one kind does not conform to ” The gift ” But legal supplementary way, that is a prostitute. Senior prostitute cross strict intelligence and art train, beautiful qualified to become target that adored romantic, it needs to cost suitable money, time and energy to court them, say, they have satisfied male searching to ” love ” in a certain meaning Need. Therefore can understand why chant the amount of quantity of works of the prostitute in successive dynasties, quality is high, far exceed chanting couple’s life. ” show appearance and give soul to ” Promise but not finish, expect but not satisfied, it is the delaying limitlessly of sexual intercourse, it is the eternity in the summit that wants towards the love that is climbed, so is the most glamorous.


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