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{September 18, 2008}   The healthy competition psychology

The healthy competition psychology is favorable to the competition

Job market HTML clipboardHandmade Earrings person often in the competitive environment, have competition psychology of health, having important influence on development of undertaking.

First of all, HTML clipboardLeather Handbag |Pet Carrier train and appreciate others’ manner in the competition. When the rival wins, sincerely bless them, cheer for them wholeheartedly, review and rise in failing at the same time. ” there are skies beyond our skies, someone outside people ” ,Only see one’s own advantages are not enough, learn to treat others with the eyes that are appreciated, find out one’s own deficiency, catch up with and surpass rivals as much as possible.

Secondly HTML clipboard Leather handbags , keep the psychology steady in the competition, avoid the big rise and big fall of mood. There is the competition, there is difference of power, the weak can bear the blow failing. Fail in this competition, does not show that will certainly fail too in the competition of future; Have failed in the competition in this respect, not explaining you, everything is not so good as people. Overcome the psychology of feeling self-humiliation, choose the directions of efforts, must not give oneself up as hopeless.

Third, HTML clipboard¬†Water Injection Pumps establish ” everybody has an opportunity to succeed ” This idea. Full of competitions in people’s life, the competition has promoted the advancing of the society, so everybody should put into the competition with the optimistic attitude. Keep good cooperation in the competition, does not forget that it is young and weak to guide and support after succeeding, can’t make the thing of losing morality for fighting for the size of one day. Competition and it conducts oneself to be contradictory HTML clipboardHigh pressure pumps| Mud pumps|¬† Piston Pumps| Reciprocating Pump| Metering Pumps

of job market, good character training only can let competition more favorable to people overall development.

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