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Chapter four Meeting by chance on the plateau (1)
The evil spirit Bei Bei does not know what is said, there is sight that has been penetrated over, pierce and familiar with, the heart is flurried. Then, that tall and big man has gone to my side. Smile, say, you have lost me half a dozen beer.
This Bei Bei. And I, fail perfectly willingly.
Leave the city and diverge from the network, do not tell no one, not with saying good-bye to tall and erectly, pray secretly in mind, perhaps one turns round, can say good-bye to all past.
Lijiang is really the place where one make the person fascinated by. The ancient town in early morning, quiet and serene, like the kindly old man, the floor of blue and green stone is thin and smooth instead, the ancient town in the evening, stand up lively like teenager, the playing and singing every night, of luxury and dissipation.
We linger on every corner of the ancient city. Staying and letting the memorial archway pass the inn falling in one, the owner in the inn is two young people, one candid one gentle and quiet, sit cherry tree on little institute often, enjoy a meter of sunshine. So easy and leisurely life, a ideological pollution.
In the daytime, go to the market to buy vegetables to go back and cook with Bei Bei hand in hand like two little girls, or look for a others’ small courtyard of Nahsi and chat to drink tea with the old man of Nahsi, hear some stories not quited understand, then stroll in the street of the ancient city, see everything can’t help buying, or strike it arbitrarily a spell holding DV, dress up beautifully and assemble a crowd and drink again in the evening. That is an old city without the stranger, the passion, with combining quietly and perfect.
Until map there Wang buy one map of ancient city that hand painted next door, the kraft paper presents the thin fragrance. Eat it a bowl of soya beans, see four faces of the street all sides, drink a mouthful of water in Lijiang, look for a one’s own lane, enter a courtyard and stare flankly, pay an official call to a recluse or madman. Bei Bei and I indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty.
Then one day, until floor listen to bird call, meet such two seven eighty years old of old men through the ages, supporting each other with one’s hand, has mounted the floor through the ages. The hoary-headed feeling is long, the granny says, 30 years ago, we say that will come to Lijiang together, had not really set foot on this stretch of land up to now, though can’t go to the jokul of Merret, but I am very satisfied. The figure seeing their hand lead to set about nestling each other is distracted for a moment in the heart. Originally, the small soldier said, free, we must go to Lijiang to stay for several months, see jokul drinking tea that the snow water washed, he says, that is a lover’s world. The ice is blue, that is our world, previous existence, we must live there. Then, Lijiang is turned into a mythology of mine, do not dare to touch easily.
The ice is blue! Bei Bei buy bracelet of silver of a Tibet for me, there are ice blue gems above, a bit more happy!
The bracelet is rowed to hands because of carelessness, I wail. People are sad can look for a reason to come down in torrents at will originally. Since for a long time, has not flowed through the tears in this way, even if when leaving the small ice, I am bearing and has not fallen down a drop of tears either.
Even reached Lijiang originally, the ones that can’t be forgotten could not be still forgotten.
Nightfall, quietly, hear the cry of the insect in the courtyard, there is no TV, there are no books and newspapers, we have already been isolated with the external world. The host has steeped the Pu’er tea plucked newly, tea is fragrant and pleasant. Picked up the mobile phone, suddenly wanted to tell tall and erectly, I am drinking tea that the snow water is being made now, can far see the dark outline of the jokul at night.
Suddenly, receive tall and erect message of sending, ice blue, I Lijiang has no bar now, suddenly remembered you in the lively loneliness. OK in these days?
Frightened. This is that the so-called heart has magic horns is it possible that.
A lot of things, once coincidence, feel the God’s will.
Draw Bei Bei, rush to the bar. Scrutinize oneself from the mirror, beautiful wan and sallowly. We evil spirit, Bei Bei say ice blue, we it is fair maiden for surface not to seem, but the evil spirit at heart.
Yes, I am an evil spirit, who am I afraid? Who can injure the evil spirit? Which Sun Wukong is there in the world?
There is no bar, lively and outstanding.
Take a seat on most striking position, put to good use, get up evil spirit insolent. Beer, the expression in one’s eyes, hollow, the fan is haphazard, and I am incomparably sober, scurry, has fallen on the body of a man in the corner in four travel around place of sight, and he, it happened that has caught my expression in one’s eyes. Hit at one time, yes, say tall and erectly, we once had evil reason of previous existence, this eye, I have recognized him. Clean man, sit quietly, innate expensive air, but have a pair of eyes disillusioned with the mortal world, yes, think at one glance this man has a kind of Buddha nature on one’s body, cool stability, but does not belong to such night.
Bei Bei, has seen? That man. If you can guide and speak him, I lose you a dozen beer.
Bei Bei snigger, getting good, little girl, insightful very.
Then, having gone over spraining the small waist, this evil spirit.
The evil spirit Bei Bei does not know what is said, there is sight that has been penetrated over, pierce and familiar with, the heart is flurried. Then, that tall and big man has gone to my side. Smile, say, you have lost me half a dozen beer.
This Bei Bei. And I, fail perfectly willingly.
A long time come, enjoy oneself to heart’s content like this for the first time, have, admit the man, it is the type that I like.
The talk of each word a gem, even if there are no speeches, bathe in the spring breeze.
At only this night, break up, relieve oneself to the limit. I know he is tall and erect, to will go every night is not so tall and erect as that of the bar.
In tipsy, say tall and erectly, I know you, right? The expression in one’s eyes is made incomparably warm. Such a man, will not cover up one’s own expression in one’s eyes only when making drunk.
I smile in silence. Tall and erect, met you this life, it is enough. Can’t tell you who I am, it has one’s own principles too, the more important thing is that the ice is blue, perhaps the man because of you, will lose the principle, can’t bear, can only turn round.


{November 6, 2008}   Chapter two Sad sunshine (5)

Chapter two Sad sunshine (5)
Small boat, I am sorry.
Su Yang can love Bei Bei, why can not you fall in love with me? Both hands of small boat are pulling my face. I do not dare to face up to, he.
Because I am not Su Yang, you are not Bei Bei.
So fair? The ice is blue.
I do not need the justice, so long as Bei Bei is happy. Small boat, you did not understand.
I drink, write, run away all want and course that Yang went together Su still.
Small boat will come, look for I, he say I move you on the heart forever. I can see that he is in pain, just as he clearly sees my agony.
The ice is blue, Su Yang says, if you do not like the small boat, a bit farther from him. Bei Bei is said cruelly.
Why did he chide me? What thing do I imprison him with little boat? Can not control oneself after all.
What ice is blue for you, why speak in this way? This is good for you too, Xiao Zhou is Su Yang’s best friend, you are my best friend.
It doesn’t matter, Bei Bei, I am sorry. I no longer speak.
The little boat says you drink everyday, the ice is blue, what happened to you on earth?
You listen to him talking nonsense.
Bei Bei look at I, say with very light light sound very, tell me whether do you like Su Yang?
Panic of that room very short time. I smile suddenly, make Bei shoulder of Bei, it is to be, little kind you, thought everyone will like that big bean sprouts and vegetables of Su Yang.
At but expression in one’s eyes when it is since Bei Bei, know I. The more one tries to hide,the more one is exposed, sensitive like Bei Bei, know I have already understood like Bei Bei.
The campus in autumn, the sad fragrance that the sweet-scented osmanthus fills the air in the air.
Dormitory downstairs, I hear Su north hoarse voice.
Bei Bei, why should be like this? You give me a reason.
The indifference of Bei Bei one’s face, nothing is said.
Bei Bei, you do not behave like this, I am shaking her.
How am I? The ice is blue, you do not know, he is specially weak. I know, under the performance that Bei Bei does not matter, that heart has been already incoherent.
Bei Bei, are you uncalled-for?
As a child, there was an apple, we have been never willing to to eat, did not want two people to gather you together and bite me to bite. There is planned number of a recommendation for admission to school in the class at in Senior Three, we have let too to let, gave to others finally, we are happy to struggle together. Now, take turns the emotion.
The ice is blue, you know, if not so, I will not feel happy.
Half a year later, Su Yang went to U.S.A., has not said good-bye. The small boat says, all of us have been injured, all of us have no fault.
Bei Bei and I begin to never leave each other again, have not fallen in love again until graduating, have not mentioned Su Yang again either.
That section of happy and sad time.

{November 6, 2008}   Chapter two Sad sunshine (2)

Chapter two Sad sunshine (2)
It is really an unreasonable thing to meet. Time solidifies in the twinkling of an eye. The boy has caught my car steadily, the book falls scattered in a place. What a tall and big boy, have limpid looks like children, is looking at me definitely. Anything is melted in the twinkling of an eye in the heart, slowly, warm.
Do you believe that fall in love at first sight? I know you do not believe, I do not originally believe either.
The staring of ten seconds, I feel the temperature on one’s own face.
Have not bumped against you?
He shakes the head with a smile.
Eh, walk a bit more carefully later. If It’s nothing I have left first, is catching! I look like the child of a worry of seeing through, flee in panic.
His pleasant voice comes behind, the ice is blue, don’t ride so fast!
I am frightened. This one thinks better of, so far that the car goes out again.
In this way, the ice is blue to meet Su Yang. In season in early spring, the flower in the heart is in full bloom secretly. I know, we will also meet. Because I am that the ice is blue.
If really system engineering in the lesson, meet and then north Su, we were a disciple of the fellow disciple originally.
A class is not first-class, grow grass in my heart, flurried, pleasantly surprised, there is getting timid the earth’s core like spirits.
There is no courage to speak with him, even have no courage to look him in the eye, it is unexpectedly in the face of one’s own heart cowardly like then that the ice that ever it is afraid afraiding is blue, it is one’s own to titter.
With belong to one institute in a different one, when the loud 2, nearly have a class that will go together with Su Yang every day. Sit into a diagonal obliquly and obliquly, sweep stealthily with eyes, avoid under the other side’s sight quickly, found out and blushed like attention.
Su Yang is that kind of reticent man, non- handsome, but tall and big, have childish and limpid expression in one’s eyes, let you feel warm and safe. One day, sit behind him, felt very near, is watching the cheek after his side, the light and light greenish blue one leaves the cheek moustache stubble, full of fancies. Su Yang’s pen has no ink, asks whether classmates nearby have black pens, everybody does not have, I have, but I do not dare to stretch out hands, whole class, hold pens, the struggle of tossing about in bed, until losing the chance.
0S h i n i a nS H I N I A N0 sad sunshine is carrying a secret like this in ten years, just the fox of the love such as that inside of ” little prince “, hoping for next one day every day, sound with the voice of the little fox in one’s ear, “first of all, you must be a bit farther from me, that’s settled, far sit on the lawn over there, I use canthus look sidelong at you ceaselessly, at this moment, you nothing say. The speech may result in misunderstanding, then, you can be in order to near to me day by day   ” “For example you come at four o’clock in the afternoon, since three o’clock, I have begun to feel very happy, having arrived at four o’clock, I will be fidgety, I found happy value. ” Yes, I will have fidgety then carving every day, the little lovely fox, he comes to like the color of the wheat field because of liking the little prince, and I, come to like the boring system engineering lesson because of coming to like a person.
Bei Bei still often twines to stay with me with each other.
The girl has a radiant face, whether think in spring?
Think of your stature!
This is secret I have not told Bei Bei, this shares all girls with me. I say to oneself, let second people know, become secret no longer just secretly, do not have again tiny and happy the secret one. Till now, I just know, originally, I was fearing something.
In so young years, it is simple happiness and sorrow without rhyme or reason.
It is end soon, will review and become nervous, Bei Bei and I no longer twine sillily everyday, put study individually, can come dormitory look for Iing on being just late, report situation each other, so as not to purposely cause complication, seem to be buckled a large green cap by the other side once being not careful. The dormitory of Bei Bei is my upstairs.
I wonder if it is I that have the intention, he has the intention, fix and study individually on a certain classroom with Su Yang tacitly. Do not speak very much, pay close attention to each other quietly. I cough, Su Yang will shut the window of the classroom, so careful a man. And I turn on window one angle often, from the angle, glass can mirror Su male genital posture study, and his eyes at the time of looking at me behind.
Bei Bei appeared suddenly, it was sunny in a classroom, attracted all eyeballs.
Wife, I am damnable, I am lazy, I have no seat, give material assistance to me.
I am awkward. Leave it with dormitory Arine’s seat nearby. Bei Bei has been pouted the mouth.
Stand up, want, let, give Bei Bei seat, oneself go, see where can rub reach place and then, the later sound of body, sit here, another seat. Su Yang picks up the schoolbag around.
I see Bei Bei glimmering on the sight, should come or can come. I understand Bei Bei very much.
Confess honestly, when to also live with the young wife in a plush apartment?
Talk nonsense something, though take away and enjoy.
Really? Then Obedience is better than politeness!
Really, the old man that this young lady likes the possessing both wealth looks.
Laughing in the mouth, the dark deep sorrow in the heart.
From then on, Bei Bei joined the ranks that we studied individually too.
Wife, do you say he will like me?
Certainly know.
Then why has not he expressed?
Some people are not good at expressing. Constant effort yields sure success, it is good result to be eager for quick success.
The bottom of heart is sad and dreary for a moment, the surface is unmoved, why is Bei Bei?
I begin to look for various reasons to go to the library to study individually. There are some final results, in any case, I am unable to face.

{November 6, 2008}   Chapter one Meet again (1)

Chapter one Meet again (1)
Do you ask I believe the love? Do you think so? The love is of poisonous weeds, it is beyond the control of you and believe, take root, spread, rotten, poison a lot of persons defying the law to death. We are not greedy, we are just too hungry, drink Shu and quench the thirst. Black long skirt flies to scatter in the wind, it is a bit cool on day in early autumn, I see Xiao Cheng, it is still a pair of so bright eyes, pure, let people think of the pool water in the remote mountains.
It is an accident with Xiao Cheng’s reunion. Draw, come out, breathe heavily as him half drunk me thick air lean against the wall in Yesterday, say to me: “Is the ice blue, is you? ” I have hit one coldly and quiverly sometimes. Ice blue, how remote memory, at this moment I call Jing Wen, one strange and well-behaved name, in a strange city, are doing the thing of strange and don’t duty. Nobody knows who I am, I and previous life have broken off everything and got in touch, such life lets me feel safe. Hide by day and come out at night, in the daytime, I am a quiet and lonely cat, yes, I dislike cats this kind of animal, it lets me think gloomily, but someone once said to me, you looked like a cat very much, even expression picture. I unable to imagine oneself make cat what like it is at the expression of kind, but now, I thought I have really become a cat, cold and detached, gloomily, perhaps there are nine lives. I roll up, into room, watch Lars Du oneself, watch spring tree at the village, watch Ba Jin Lao She and the Four Books and the Five Classics too, it is one of the interests that I am few to read, another interest, just smoke, like seeing cigarettes to rise then fly away slowly before eyes, just like life, so changeable, disappear in a flash too after all, certainly, another reason, just cherish the memory of. Since afternoon, smoke, read, will foot walks up and down in the room only in mood agitated morning in I, drink, freeze ice-cold water large while being large, convulsion once again to wait for stomach, will forget in the middle school of the agony. This of one living room and one sitting room room, full of book and magazine in the room, in disorder, but I have a slight clean addiction, so, a thing done every day is to wipe the ground, bit by bit, wipe the suds, then the smooth foot is dancing above, always enjoy. At night, I am that the cigarette look at the charming woman competently, wear the black hanging strip, pale face, appear in the bars of the streets and lanes, no, please don’t suspect, I have decent incomes, make a living in one yard of words. I write pale fragile characters, write popular decadence of city, write this generation of young man’s rotten life in city. Dare, show person knowing characters of me, they so hard to tear soul of me ice-cold, regard agony as the bottom to line with, let people feel the despair appeared at heart.
The young girl’s song comes in one’s ear.
I think I will be lonely, lifetime will be so lonely.
I think I will have been lonely all the time, so lonely all one’s life.
The bright bluer the sky is, afraid of resuming looks.
The more satisfactory the film is, the more sentimental feel.
Please don’t suspect your song, it can bring happiness to me. Happiness is luxurious to a lot of people, we can not afford to consume. Do you ask I believe the love? Do you think so? The love is of poisonous weeds, it is beyond the control of you and believe, take root, spread, rotten or not, poison a lot of persons defying the law to death. We are not greedy, we are just too hungry, drink Shu and quench the thirst. Black long skirt flies to scatter in the wind, it is a bit cool on day in early autumn, I see Xiao Cheng, it is still a pair of so bright eyes, pure, let people think of the pool water in the remote mountains.
“Let’s dance. ” I danced in the wind, the looks were circulated, has gathered people around us, I know, oneself is still beautiful, though, I have been already no longer young.
The tear, hurt and wronged, accumulates strongly fragrantly, come down in torrents and appear under this young gaze. Xiao Cheng, I did not think we would met again.
Meet and succeed desolately each time, are all that I feel awkward moment most. Just now desolate to become, rely that piece look gather, come over, splash one wine fat person at face beat, translate in place me, I thought one’s own one had dim eyesight. What a face known well, let me get back to the times when want to forget.
With the meeting firstly of Xiao Cheng, it is in H large campus. At that time, I give up honourable work for so-called love, toss about in bed, come these city, say to me if you can close to me a bit, that better, I can experience breath of you only and tall and erectly.
At noon in early summer, the sun has already been sinister, with so tall and erect as to make a noise some mood on the phone, feel uneasy really, are all depressing breath everywhere in the room. Life wonders when is ceaselessly waiting at the beginning, and the big silence of section, I begin to get drunk, that kind of liquid letting persons forget vexation temporarily is red, the blood is general.
It is H big and not far from my cabin, will go to there to take a walk once in a while, is looking at the smiling face wantonly of those children, so simple happiness, then infected. Sit there for one afternoon sometimes, that is the time remembering. I think, I am old; Alternatively, I am unhappy. Will often remember for that period of happy days in the campus when being unhappy, make people old and feeble too early unhappily.
Classmates, do we seem to meet?
The tone of hesitating, clumsy opening remarks. Then, I have seen a pair of limpid and bright pupils, just like Su Yang of that year.
I smile. It seems.
He does not have the defense sector at all either openingly, what a clear smile, it is very good to be young.
My name is Xiao Cheng. And you?
The ice is blue.
The ice is blue, blue ice, pleasant name, but and you are incongruous, you should be happy.
I smile. 26 years old, encounter a grieved love, is involved in ceaselessly wait again, the ice is blue, can you be happy?
Xiao Cheng, it is a lot of years since I have already graduated, willing, you can call me an elder sister.

{September 18, 2008}   The healthy competition psychology

The healthy competition psychology is favorable to the competition

Job market HTML clipboardHandmade Earrings person often in the competitive environment, have competition psychology of health, having important influence on development of undertaking.

First of all, HTML clipboardLeather Handbag |Pet Carrier train and appreciate others’ manner in the competition. When the rival wins, sincerely bless them, cheer for them wholeheartedly, review and rise in failing at the same time. ” there are skies beyond our skies, someone outside people ” ,Only see one’s own advantages are not enough, learn to treat others with the eyes that are appreciated, find out one’s own deficiency, catch up with and surpass rivals as much as possible.

Secondly HTML clipboard Leather handbags , keep the psychology steady in the competition, avoid the big rise and big fall of mood. There is the competition, there is difference of power, the weak can bear the blow failing. Fail in this competition, does not show that will certainly fail too in the competition of future; Have failed in the competition in this respect, not explaining you, everything is not so good as people. Overcome the psychology of feeling self-humiliation, choose the directions of efforts, must not give oneself up as hopeless.

Third, HTML clipboard Water Injection Pumps establish ” everybody has an opportunity to succeed ” This idea. Full of competitions in people’s life, the competition has promoted the advancing of the society, so everybody should put into the competition with the optimistic attitude. Keep good cooperation in the competition, does not forget that it is young and weak to guide and support after succeeding, can’t make the thing of losing morality for fighting for the size of one day. Competition and it conducts oneself to be contradictory HTML clipboardHigh pressure pumps| Mud pumpsPiston Pumps| Reciprocating Pump| Metering Pumps

of job market, good character training only can let competition more favorable to people overall development.

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Love of the sago palm in the desert–two

Night come, chirp around seem a exceptional one loud, ten year, think mountain valley look like so quiet today never. I have no sleep at all, a pair of naked men and women lie under my body. Have not worn down their passion in tired out journey, under my body, their loving joyously heartily, I have seen boys shouldering the sparkling and crystal-clear beads of sweet, like I become the tears that strung together into bunch, I hear girl moaning purine delicate to breathe heavily, this make health of me have one desire of inflation, as if silkworm wanting, taking butterflying rapidly that hibernate, the girl’s hands have caught my branch and leaf, Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services| China Electronic Manufacturer|bmw gt1|benz star| Electronics Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturing China| China Electronics Manufacturers| Smt Electronic Manufacturing| Electronics Contract Manufacturing| Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services| Subcontract Pcb Assemblyhere to then carve, I seem to become a woman, the boy is at the time of turbulence, my unfolding the body limb heartily, as if accepted something, afterwards, my body secreted a lot of red juices, I shake one’s own doing, can not get rid of the brain as dream.
Boy and girl left in early morning of next day, they dug a small hole under my body, bury a bag of body fluids in my root. After they leave away, a long time I am make a dream, dream oneself is that girl, begin the wait of lovesickness everyday. The boy’s body fluid has been bored out from that floor of membrane, the entry root slowly, entered my health, from then on, my conifer leaf began to be changed yellow green.
One day, I have had a dream, there is a child in my stomach to dream about, know how give birth to and bring up, I cry, cry, cry, for a long time, see one Taoist priest feel person of kind say to me: Child, how can the stranger’s child it will be tree? If really want to grow, only when you bloomed. But how could I bloom? Isn’t it that the sago palm does not bloom? The Taoist priest says: The child, the sago palm will bloom too, however, there must be another sago palm and fall in love with you, then love liquid and breath of the two are inclusive, you will bloom. But where is another sago palm? The child, is waiting, Buddhist patriarch will arrange. The Taoist priest has left saying and waving sleeves. I am everyday charmed in waiting, my waist is thicker and thicker, should I bloom? I am everyday wan and sallow in sighing.
Today five years later, I have another sago palm at one’s side, I have no mark for the Chinese sweet gum to give a name for him.
The Chinese sweet gum does not have growing situation of mark quickly, two years later, his body has already crossed my top of the head, his few speech, just with the years, the eyes are more and more unusual, do I know, in this desert, I am an only mother sago palm, who does not he love me and love?
He becomes more and more boundless and lush and green, fluffies a kind of secret fragrance of hair in his body, only the men and women in adolescence will have such breath. When wind has blown through, his dense branch and leaf has stroked my cheek, the hands as warm as that boy. When in the dead of night, he takes advantage of sending the wind-force to me to ask joyously, however, I am missing that boy at such night, miss the beads of sweet on his forehead, think of that cheerful face, as his excitement, shock spread over from the earth. Then flow into the seed in the body, like being pregnant with a dream, I want to become a person, become a woman.
Certainly, these I can tell Chinese sweet gum have mark, he whether Heaven arrange for, let sago palm that I bloom, if know he I have only last dream of me health to use him,still can perfectly willing devotion?
Having passed for five years again, I have not still bloomed, the Chinese sweet gum has not had conifer leaf with vivid green mark to already become blackish green, his body is ripe day by day, it has generally made him glossy all over if the glory of the sun has been gilded. My eyes are more and more gentle that he looks, more and more blazing, however, he feels obviously I am unhappy, the ones that even think, when he strokes, the health is avoided quiver, in late at night, I see his ignorant looking at to the vault of heaven, from language anything. That year, it was terribly arid, the land fractured, I felt weak all over, the conifer leaf is more and more withered and yellow, the Chinese sweet gum has no mark to hide coolly for me with his conifer leaf worrying about. As time goes on, the expression in one’s eyes of mark is more and more deeply worried that there is not the Chinese sweet gum, sometimes, what he will cherish is with the body that hands comforted me, expect to get my response, see my look on the point of dying, his root begins to secrete the green juice, flow into my body slowly. I have been saved, but the Chinese sweet gum has no obvious becoming thin of mark.

Is that all right to overlook you? The first ” lowpriced people who will only cry ”

The party interesting logistics company that that is very one, play the conversation in a gay manner at the platform, 5 people drink four bottles and put Chinese

liquor, under being drunk deeply on the Eight Diagrams a period of time, ask, get up each other, know too two girlfriends why remain silent now

in the past.
A friend said with a smile a sentence of very penetrating words on the wine desk at that time: Can especially act as a woman, and is often

delicately pretty while crying bitterly in others’ chest, (attention: Usually let the man’s arms cry. )Another woman very can go, complain tearfully

innately, the woman must want until the woman that meeting cry a bit farther then.
Hit desk laugh endlessly, sound of speech understand, that woman is a low-down person on the spot.
Often meet such a woman, young, or age Office Relocation that has grown up, give birth to, like man give a bitter account on fortunately, undertaking, love, bit,

estimate if it is long haemorrhoids that can cry bitterly simply, this words are not expressed, oh.
Have such a woman at one’s side, one likes by what has been cried bitterly in the man lead the shoulder easily, say: “The project that I do is the

same as project that she does is, why not give me a chance to her chance? ”
One even to speak and write use the language in Dream of the Red Chamber, for example: Lacking must not cry for one and cry, the pale finger

is rubing the handkerchief, sigh: “Can you know I am bitter? ” Or sigh again: “If I ache oneself alone only, I will certainly alive. Sure. ”
Seeing such a woman for the first time, I am that the sweetheart will break to pieces, can recruit love, many helpless women.
Such a woman, one two can also let men and women the heart born and sympathize with, but day long to can find such a on happily woman,

not always satisfactory and over, have not succeeded at all times, always like Lin Daiyu, seem that above the material attractions Air Freight Forwarder of the world and

dip in the air, will get SARS at once.
So fragile a person, why live? Subdues the jade to decrease fragrantly if it is late, find time to complain tearfully?
Seeing suddenly after understanding carefully, such a woman actually lived comfortably more than everyone, sad love story, torment of soul let

friend or other to understand man of situation give, bear, the good speech still without a break is comforted.
In work complain tearfully,should must chance let because there aren’t she, afraid leaders man too, in case the shortsighted view that she

considers, how to afford?
The woman that that emotion goes wrong, more funny, have written a few years’ mood article, no is happy, is it less than satisfactory that is there

so many in life? Has the love each time been all born? If so, it is at all nonsensical to conduct oneself, even basic happiness can not be found, it is

unsuitable to grow to say such a world you Ocean Transportation such a woman.
One woman, survive at the world, whom lover join leave each time, that wrong one, would not be totally someone else. Moreover, so delicately

pretty a woman, if without survival ability, how could go to cause men? Only maybe the means is too sophisticated.
How could the really supercilious woman end blaming by oneself easily, are the ones that catch a man and complain the emotion tearfully at will

less than satisfactory? Have bitter to can resist by oneself too, let intimate just a few friends say only privately. Advocate one’s own bitter woman

without restraint like this,Worldwide Relocation only maybe speak this bitter word excessively.












Complete collections of operation method of the mobile phone Memory Card(chapter 2)

TF repairs the method two
Originally one’s own Memory Card  TF card was out of order  It is 0 to admit that space comes out on the computer  Can admit but the space is full on the mobile phone Memory Card  Can’t format  Plan to take away changing  Read the model on the net at yesterday  There were Memory Card  excellent records of software of repairing originally  My card is not probably Memory Card that the hardware is damaged  Leave several and have a try  Memory Card Several won’t do  I have been looking for all the time Memory Card finally  Found one by me at last
The method is as follows: USB Drive Should use two pieces of software here, WINIMAGE 8.0 edition (need installing) With PHYSDISKWRITE 0.5 USB Drive dition (not need installing)

One: USB Drive Video the file for TF card.USB Drive  Open WINIMAGE software, select file – -New, choose most below that piece select, USB Drive choose most low to select, some OK, then choose the first FAT12/16 in file system, add your sector USB Drive quantity in TOTAL NUMBER OF SECTORS, mine is 128M, the sector quantity is 128000000/512 =250000,Select, USB Drive needn’t in charge of, click OK keep get magnetic disc, file call U, click IMAGE of software USB Drive select then while being other, select INJECT, add file on not videoing, propose, strengthen file a bit first, USB Drive add reach almost soon all over,Cable Assembly  in addition little file, only up to filling it up.

Two: Write a tool physdiskwrite.exe and video and write into TF card with physics. Connect TF the computer with the media reader, copy physdiskwrite.exe and image file just now under C root catalogue of one (for convenience) ,Then click to begin – -Run, input CMD, enter DOS, operate physdiskwrite.exe u.ima under DOS
The ones that should pay Cable Assembly attention to here are to select it to the type of physics one that brief on, if select by mistake, all materials to correspond to plate will disappear, don’t select, have model, serial number competent, if that chose in the picture is 1, Cable Assembly then input Y, then begin to write and video the file, should quickly, write, pull out, produce, insert media reader and then, format TF card with the computer once again at this moment,Cable Assembly selected FAT form when when remember formatting, don’t format fast. Finish formatting, show TF card in the mobile phone, spread the song with ITUNES, the video file is put to TF card, sound file, picture file, install JAVA procedure (how feel, spread to have a bit fasterrer paces even file than before, oh)  All OK, Haha,Cable Assembly  congratulations, crowned with success. ~~~

The impressions:Cable Assembly I think this Cable Assembly  kind of method can solve some TF cards and spread the things slowly at all too, listening to the Cable Assembly question of the song card, JUST feels, the friend who wants to try can have a try, because Cable Assembly this method belongs to and operates softly, Cable Assembly will not cause the injury to the hardware at all ~~~

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 SMC material in electrical machinery Terminal Block application
The electric motor Terminal Block, the electrical machinery draws out the end of a thread introduction Terminal Block the wiring column, it plays is protects the electrical machinery wiring the role Is an electrical machinery protection shell part, it including Terminal Block top head, under Terminal Block bottom. Now the lectrical machinery Terminal Block generally uses the cast iron to take shape the production craft manufacture electrical machinery Terminal Block, also has the enterprise to use the steel plate deeply to flush takes shape the manufacture electrical machinery Terminal Block, although the steel plate deeply flushes takes shape withgenerally casts the iron wire box to compare, has the price lowly, theoutward appearance attractive, the sealing property fine and so on the merit, but is unable to solve the electric motor Terminal Block to be easy to send the rust, the anticorrosion and the insulation protect ion energy balance flaw. Uses the SMC mould pressing to take shape the craft production electrical machinery Terminal Block is the new electric motor Terminal Block, because uses the new material —-SMC compound material is (Sheet molding compound) abbreviation, namely laminated mold plastic. The main raw material by GF (special-purpose gauze), UP (not saturated resin), the low contraction chemical additive, MD (padding) and each kind helps the medicinal preparation to be composed. It first appears in the 20th century the beginning of60’s in Europe, about 1965, America, the date has developed this kind of craft one after another. Our country to the end of the 80’s, has introduced the overseas advanced SMC production line and the production craft. The SMC material has the superior anti-corrosive performance, the nature light and the engineering design is easy ,nimbly and so on the merit, its machine capability may compare favorably with with the partial metals material) has may the design good, the intensity high, the waterproofing, anticorrosive, not be easy to pollute and so on the characteristic. Therefore uses the SMC compound material manufacture electrical machinery Terminal Block the characteristic: 1st, weight light, specific tenacity high, anti-impact characteristic, its density approximately for steel density1/4, aluminum density 2/3, but the intensity very is actually big, its longitudinal strength and the plain steel approach, the bending strength and the elasticity of flexure module are ordinary plastic molding 8 ~ 10 times. 2nd, bears the acid and alkali, anti-corrosive, the anti- aging, the SMC material is the fine anti-corrosive material, the para acid, the alkali, the salt, the majority of organic matters, the sea water as well as moist all has a better resistivity, also hasthe resistance regarding microorganism’s function the performance, its service life is long. 3, the electricity performance was high, Surge Arrester has avoided the accident which the leakage or short-circuited creates.

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